Back to School Success With CBN

With Labor Day is behind us, it’s that time of the year again where school is back in full swing. Transitioning from the carefree routines of summer into more structured schedules can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. With early mornings and long days ahead, here are a few ways to get you ready. 

Creating a Sleep Schedule

If you were used to staying up late and sleeping in during the summer, it can be harder to revert back to your school routine. Easing your way back into going to bed at an earlier time a few weeks before school can help acclimate your body for the early mornings. Turning off all distractions such as your phone, TV, and other electronics will also help you to get your sleep schedule back on track. 

Setting a Calendar

Utilizing a calendar and writing down when your assignments, sports, after work/school social events will help you to stay on top of your deadlines and plan out your week. While we’ve all been tempted to procrastinate work, do your best to stick to a schedule that ends at a reasonable time. Procrastination can affect your mental health greatly by increasing depression and anxiety, which will in turn affect your performance. Working ahead of time can help avoid added stress throughout the year. Grab a fresh planner and make sure to update it once per week.

Taking a Break

While it’s good to put in hard work when studying and working on projects, your mind and body need consistent breaks to retain the information and produce meaningful effort into your work. According to studies, taking anywhere from a 5 minute to an hour long break can help refresh your brain and increase your focus. Try taking a walk, meditating, or listening to music to help relax yourself during this break. 

Proper Nutrition 

Eating a nutritious breakfast each morning before work/ school can help give you the proper energy you need to be successful throughout the day. Aside from getting the extra boost from carbohydrates and glucose, nutrients from food can also help with your cognitive performance. This will then help your academic performance with habitual breakfast consumption and can help increase your ability to retain information learned in school

Creating healthy habits and staying on top of them can be tricky after the summer season. As you will be more focused on school in the coming months, it’s important you’re making the most of your time. Following these tips and tricks can help you have a successful school year and ease you back into your daily routines.


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