“Beyond CBD? Denver-based company aims to forge a new path forward with CBN” – by James Gormley

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Posted on September 1, 2020 by James Gormley in Extra! Extra!NIE 2020NIE 2020 09Nutrition Industry Executive

We at Slumber CBN recently had the privilege of being featured in an article by Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) magazine, highlighting our innovative work within the cannabinoid industry. Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Charlotte Mosher, engaged in an insightful discussion about the importance and potential of CBN as a sleep aid and our unique positioning in the marketplace.

The article delved into the significance of CBN, an often-overlooked cannabinoid that is gathering interest for its potential to enhance sleep quality. NIE highlighted the unique challenges of formulating CBN due to its higher extraction costs and rarity than CBD and other full-spectrum hemp extracts. They underscored our commitment to overcoming these obstacles and creating a powerful sleep aid using our proprietary blend of CBN.

NIE acknowledged our efforts to distinguish Slumber CBN from the more commonly found CBD products. They recognized our dedication to natural sleep aids, steering away from commonly used synthetics such as melatonin and focusing our efforts on developing a potent, CBN-only solution.

In their piece, NIE also addressed the importance of educating the public on the science behind CBN, a task we are committed to. They touched upon the origin of CBN in the hemp plant and its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, specifically binding to the CB2 receptor to induce sleep. They commended our focus on producing a THC-free, hemp-derived CBN supplement, ensuring the utmost transparency with customers by providing a QR code on each product, leading to a Certificate of Authenticity on our website.

The article also compared CBN with THC and CBD, emphasizing the former’s non-psychoactive nature and its sleep-inducing effects, in contrast to CBD’s more commonly known physical pain and anxiety relief.

The NIE magazine article further highlighted our mission to expand beyond sleep aids, planning to develop a comprehensive line of CBN products designed to enrich the sleep experience for our customers. They revealed our upcoming launch of a new line of CBN + CBD topicals.

Lastly, the piece underscored our ambition to extend our reach to various other sectors and create opportunities for partners to develop their CBN product lines.

This feature in NIE magazine gave us a valuable platform to express our vision and dedication to enhancing sleep health with natural solutions, reinforcing our position as a leading innovator in the cannabinoid industry.


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