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Profit on the rapidly growing hemp & CBN industry while creating your own brand.

bulk cbn for sale

Slumber's Bulk CBN for Sale

Our bulk CBN oil is the highest quality THC-free, 100% hemp-derived CBN oil available on the market, typically with >98% CBN. 

Our customers love our CBN based products and rave about its effects, helping many with relaxation and tranquility at night. In our line of CBN products, we have CBN in edibles, tinctures, softgels, topicals, ect.

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Leading Bulk CBN Options

CBN Isolate for Sale

CBN Distillate for Sale

A partner to scale with your business

Slumber can scale with your business needs, consult you on product lines and formulations, and help you supply other ingredients or bulk minor cannabinoids.

Partner Focused Success


We offer the lowest investment for inventory with high margins. Child/Tamper-resistant bottles included.


With a small MOQ of 50 units, you can mix and match all of our white label products with ease! Always 3rd Party Lab Test for the highest quality products.


Our Director of Operations will give you hands-on support to guide you through the best purchase options for your brand.


We have very fast fulfillment times, and can easily prepare for large order quantities. (Large orders may incur a 4-6 week lead time based on volume and any custom formulations.)

Our Bulk CBN Distillate and CBN Isolate is Different

If you are a current brand that has the ability to formulate in-house, you may be looking for the best CBN suppliers for your upcoming product lines. CBN is taking off… So while you may be trying to move fast on formulating your product, sourcing the right quality, from people you trust, is so important.


Slumber’s hands-on approach to business will give you the confidence to select the right bulk ingredients, at the right price. While this business is ever-changing, and manufacturers try to skip steps to get the price rock bottom, we refuse to sacrifice quality.

Why Purchase Bulk CBN?

Slumber has developed a unique way of converting Delta-8 to CBN that dramatically decreases the average cost of CBN while increasing accessibility. We perform a chemical process on CBD Isolate that begins with CBD Crude. It is then converted into CBD Distillate, and another conversion gets us to CBD Isolate. A catalyst or solvent is then used in conjunction with moderate heat to convert Delta-8 into CBN. It is much more efficient and cost-effective, allowing it to be sold at a more affordable price than the conversion method mentioned above.


As one of the leading CBN suppliers, we are in a position to help you get the best possible price per dose so that you will never have to sacrifice quality.

About Slumber’s White Label Program

Bulk CBN Isolate white label set of products on a glass table top

Working with Slumber for your white label formulation needs will save you time and money so you can focus on growing your business. We have taken all of the heavy lifting out of sourcing ingredients, formulation, quality control, 3rd party lab testing, and more! We provide almost all of our product offerings to other CBD and Wellness brands at a great rate so you can mix and match multiple product variations and get your CBN launched in no time!

If you are a current or new brand that loves the natural benefits form the hemp plant and exploring CBN for your sleep wellness section, our white label CBN program was made for you.

Slumber has heavily invested many resources into industry leading CBN products that not only work for sleep and relaxation*, but that tastes great! With a super small MOQ (50 units mix and match), you can find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of minutes. 

We offer a variety of formulations and mg options: CBN Gummies, CBN Capsules, CBN Tinctures, Full Spectrum 3:1 Tinctures, Delta-8 Blends, Topicals, and more!

The best part, we have a super short lead time and can work with you as hands on as you need. You will get connected with a dedicated account manager that will walk you though our process, help you select the right CBN product formula, and get your design team fully prepared to get your labels executed.

Slumber has worked with many reputable brands to help them develop unique product SKUs with other cannabinoids or other natural ingredients. We would be happy to help you with any private label needs.

Yes, Slumber offers discounting opportunities with volume and reoccurring orders.

Depending on the volume of your white label purchase, our tinctures will have the fastest turn around time.

Although CBN softgels and CBN gummies take longer to manufacture, we always keep plenty of stock for all of your white label requests.

The potential sleep and calming benefits of CBN is credited to how it interacts with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a network of messengers and receptors that regulate nearly every crucial function in your body, including: cognition, pain perception (from exercise), mood, appetite, recovery, and sleep.

There are two main ECS receptors, CB1 and CB2.

Cannabinoids, like CBN, bind primarily to the CB2 receptor, helping to induce a sleepy state.

CBN Only Formulas → CBN formulas are great for deep sleep, recovery, and energized mornings.

  • Available in Tinctures, Capsules, Gummies (starting as low as $13.99 per unit)
  • Available in Bulk


CBD and CBN Formulas → Adding Full Spectrum CBD to the mix, can help give you and entourage of benefits such as: relaxation, relief, and optimal recovery.

  • Available in Tinctures, Topicals, (and coming soon! Gummies!) (starting as low as $13.99 per unit)
  • Available in Bulk


Delta-8, Delta-9, Melatonin, and more!→ Slumber offers a wide range of products for every sleeper. Since everybody is different, it’s important to offer customers a wide mix of favors, cannabinoids, milligrams, and methods of consumption.

  • Available in Tinctures and Gummies
  • Available in Bulk

Contact Slumber to Apply

If your business is interested in Bulk or White Label CBN options with Slumber, please reach out to us! We would love to discuss all options with you and determine how we can be of service.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for?

Slumber is the go to supplier for many brands bulk CBN and white label needs. We have industry leading CBN formulators on our team. So if you are looking for something, let’s have a chat to see how we can make your vision a reality.

+ 1 303.963.9404

*If you reach our voicemail system, please leave us a message.

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