CBN Oil Gummies for Sleep

Slumber announces the release of their powerful CBN Gummies designed for sleep.

Denver, CO, Dec 17th 2020 – Slumber CBN, a leader in natural sleep-aid products, now provides distributors and wholesalers a powerful natural Gummy sleep-aid derived from CBN. Slumber CBN’s suite of products and services are available online or at 100+ fine retails across the US – with the intention to expand globally.

CBN Gummies are available now!

Slumber’s delicious tasting Vanilla Blueberry Gummies come in two unique options.

Slumber Sleep Aid | Try CBN For Sleeping CBNGummy

CBN Gummies

  • 450mg CBN per bottle
  • A powerful dose of 15 mg CBN
  • Zero THC / Zero Melatonin
  • 30 Day Supply, based on Suggested Servings

CBN + Melatonin Gummies

Slumber Sleep Aid | Try CBN For Sleeping Melatonin CBNGummy

  • 13mg CBN + 2mg Melatonin in every gummy
  • Zero THC
  • 30 Day Supply, based on Suggested Servings

Why choose CBN Gummies for sleep?

Sweet dreams are made from natural ingredients that help boost your body’s natural sleep hormone to help you get optimal zzz’s. Gummies are sweet tasting from natural flavorings of blueberries and vanilla. 

Slumber’s Gummies are pre-measured with powerful doses of CBN. They are 3rd Party Lab tested for quality, potency, consistency, heavy metals, and other various solvents so that you can be confident in a trustworthy CBN Gummy. 

Take the hassle out of your nighttime routine when you add Slumber Gummies! 

Which CBN Gummy is best for me?

Many people wonder how to choose the best CBN combination or product for them. Others don’t even care about which product, as long as it works! We feel you, and are here to help!

Here at Slumber Sleep Aid, we are VERY passionate about CBN (cannabinol) products for sleep. Our team has tested thousands of formulations and came to the conclusion that CBN produced the best results. We used a small group to test and found that it helped many fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed without any negative effects. 

But we know one size does not fit all. Cannabinoids, dosage, length of usage, product type, formulation can all impact your experience using any natural sleep aid. 

This is why Slumber created many product options so that we can help you find the one that best suits your needs!

Slumber Sleep Aid | Try CBN For Sleeping slumb slider survey webmobile
  • CBN only
  • CBN + Full Spectrum CBD
  • CBD + Melatonin

Our CBN Gummies are delicious, high dosed, and fun to take. No oils, no measuring, no hassle! Each product comes with a 30 Day “Guarantee.”



Should I choose the CBN only Gummy or add Melatonin?

Although we cannot choose for you, we may be able to point you in the right direction by choosing between our CBN-only gummy or trying CBN and Melatonin combo Gummies for sleep. 

If you commonly use Melatonin but get mostly negative side effects… headache, morning grogginess, oversleeping, etc. We would suggest starting with the CBN + Melatonin Gummy and slowly switch over to the CBN only Gummy in a few month’s time. This way you can slowly start to understand what your body needs, when, and how much. 

If you commonly use Melatonin and get great results… the CBN + Melatonin Gummies most likely will give you the best result. Plus swapping out your current melatonin product and adding a little CBN will provide the added benefit of hemp.

If you do not like Melatonin, trying to get off Melatonin, or want to avoid synthetic hormones – the CBN only Gummy will be your best bet (and our personal favorite). Each gummy is packed with our highest dose of CBN in a Gummy. In fact, Slumber Sleep Aid has the highest CBN dose available today and for the best price! We love this option because it tastes incredible and because it has helped us sleep like a baby! 

You can get a fresh bottle sent to you every 4 weeks with our subscription option. 

Pro tip: you can always bite the Gummy in half to increase or decrease the dosage to fit your sleep needs. 

Where can I buy CBN Gummies for sleep?

Buy Slumber Sleep Aid online here today! We offer FREE + FAST 3-Day Priority Shipping! All products are available for auto-renew so when you run out, another bottle will be on the way and priced at 20% off!

We have many partnerships with many CBD Shops, Welless Centers, Chiropractic, or Pain Clinics across the country. Ask your local shop to start carrying Slumber Sleep Aid to get it local near you.

Melatonin for Sleep. What to know before you buy. 

Melatonin is a natural hormone that your body produces in response to darkness. Some claim the benefits of Melatonin as a Dietary Supplement for Jet Lag, Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder (DSWPD), Night-Shift Works, insomnia, etc.  

While the evidence is not 100% clear, there have been small research studies done that points to melatonin supplements as potentially helping to reset the sleep-wake cycle and shown to improve sleep in people with jet lag.

Melatonin may cause drowsiness or sleepiness; do not take it when driving, operating machinery, or engaging in any activity that requires alertness. This product is not intended to treat insomnia or other sleep disorders.


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