The Ultimate CBN Holiday Gift Guide

More than a third of American adults don’t get enough sleep — and during the holidays, we may lose even more zzz’s due to stress and changes to our normal routine. Quality slumber is invaluable to our mental and physical health. Why not give that gift to your loved ones? Our handy guide features five products designed for a better night’s rest, through the holiday season and beyond.

Weighted blanket: Early research shows weighted blankets can help improve sleep and reduce anxiety. With a variety of sizes, weights and price points, there’s a cozy option for everyone on your gift list (including yourself).

Hatch Restore: Hatch Restore is a sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app and alarm clock all in one. The “smart sleep assistant” allows you to create a personalized routine that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. There are even options for babies and kids.

Manta Sleep Mask: Not all eye masks are created equal. Manta’s sleep mask blocks out 100 percent of light and is “infinitely adjustable” to fit your face just right. It also comes with premium ear plugs and a case/wash bag. (Yes, they’re washable!)

SleepPhones®: SleepPhones brand their products as “the world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping,” and they may be right. With thin, adjustable audio speakers inside a comfortable, washable headband, SleepPhones are perfect for drifting off to your favorite audio or blocking out a loud snorer. 
Slumber Sleep Aid: Slumber products are made with premium hemp-derived CBN to promote naturally better sleep, without the morning grogginess. From oils to gummies, there’s a formula for every type of CBN user — even for pets! Slumber also offers sample packs and a gift set with our signature tincture, a satin facemask and a cotton pouch for storing all of your favorite bedtime products.


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