How Is CBN extracted and produced?

CBD Products have been storming the nation since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, but other beneficial cannabinoids that are also non-psychotropic, like CBN, have been underutilized. CBN exists naturally in hemp but does not produce the “high” found in THC, it creates a calming sedative effect.. CBN is more like the sleepy cousin of CBD and has some very beneficial effects on the body. While CBD is mostly known for relieving inflammation and anxiety, CBN is known for helping with sleep, making it an excellent choice for those who have insomnia and struggle to get a full night’s rest.

There are several reasons why other cannabinoids haven’t gained the same popularity as CBD, but the biggest roadblocks are:

  • Limited availability of reliably sourced and produced CBN, CBC, and CBG
  • Cost of manufacturing or extracting these cannabinoids vs. the cost of CBD extraction. CBN is upto 20 times the cost of CBD
  • Lack of knowledge of additional benefits from activating CB2 receptors along with CB1 receptors
  • Misunderstandings of legalities nationwide when incorporating additional cannabinoids

Current CBN Extraction Procedures

Currently, CBN is widely extracted through Crude Cannabis or Hemp Oil manufacturing in combination with processes to isolate the various cannabinoids and, in some cases, even terpenes. Most cannabis plants only produce between 3-5% CBN making it very rare. CBD  can be extracted in much higher quantities and is more readily available. Using traditional scientific methods that are common for isolating different compounds – like chromatography – allows extractors to isolate these different cannabinoids for more controlled use than the crude extract alone.

With such low quantities of CBN being extracted during the crude oil extraction processing of hemp and cannabis plants, it becomes challenging to source the product consistently and can only be manufactured when processing CBD, and other cannabinoids at a high volume in order to yield a sufficient quantity of CBN. This is perhaps why very few companies have released CBN products compared to the amount of CBD products available on the market. This also sheds light on why many CBN products have a lower dosage of CBN and are combined with CBD or other compounds.

How much does CBN cost?

The going rate for a kilogram of CBN is roughly $15,000. Limited access to this beneficial cannabinoid means that manufacturers of products will not have consistent access to CBN. This limitation means consumers that wish to benefit from CBN will also not have access. Slumber was founded to provide greater access to CBN for both consumers and distributors, as well as to decrease the going rate for the cannabinoid to make products more affordable.

Inefficient processes and time-intensive labor that goes into isolating these different cannabinoids are what is holding CBN back from becoming a more readily available product.

 Finding another way

Due to the shortcomings of the current CBD extraction practice, Slumber founders set out to develop new sources and processes for isolating CBN more efficiently than from crude oil extraction. The answer was not in extraction but in conversion.

Slumber has developed a process after years of research that combines light and heat therapy along with other scientific practices that allow for the conversion of CBD isolate to stable CBN that can then be utilized in several ways. CBN is typically produced through the degradation process of THC, and unlike THC it is non-psychoactive. 

By starting with isolated CBD, our processes allow us to control the conversion process into CBN and consistently reach the highest quality standards. Controlling the degradation process of various cannabinoids has been the “next frontier” beyond crude oil extraction, but the intricacies of the methods have made it hard to yield consistent results.

CBN as a sleep aid

Whether you have used cannabis products or not, most people are familiar with the idea of getting “stuck on the couch.” CBN is the cannabinoid compound that causes this effect and tends to make the user sleepy. By itself, it has no psychoactive effect and can be a highly beneficial sleep aid for many people. Unlike other sleep aid products, CBN activates your endocannabinoid system and, more specifically, your CB2 receptors.

The endocannabinoid system has shown in many medical studies to have links with neurological feedback responses. This could indicate that utilizing CBN as a sleep aid helps with the human body’s recovery processes beyond the functions of sleep. By getting feedback responses through activation of the endocannabinoid system, the body can better regulate it’s responses when in recovery. It is already widely understood that the endocannabinoid system helps regulate many bodily functions. The problem with most traditional sleep aids is that they do not support the recovery process and instead support your ability to stay asleep. Everybody benefits from staying asleep or getting to sleep – but if you are still groggy and tired the next day as a result of the sleep aid, you never really get the full benefit of your “good sleep.”

Many athletes, professionals, and people that have generally had trouble with sleep are turning to CBN as an all-natural alternative for getting a good night’s sleep. Our proprietary processes for extracting CBN could drastically increase the accessibility of CBN worldwide as well as decrease the cost of utilizing the compound to manufacture products by 50% or more.

 Why Slumber CBN Is superior

In addition to our unique processes for CBN conversion, Slumber has developed a proprietary blend of terpenes that assist with sleep aid effects. Instead of integrating other sleep aid supplements like melatonin, we keep our products focused on the proper dosage of CBN. CBN is hard to source and is very expensive, which has led many product manufacturers to supplement the CBN effects with other synthetic and botanical sleep aids in order to provide a lower dose of CBN that still produces the desired sleepy effect. Doing so makes manufacturing more affordable and decreases the risk that the supplier may run out of CBN for their products. In addition to making CBN more accessible, we also share the goal of providing people with the correct amount of CBN for the effects they are looking for. This is why all of our products contain 10mg/dose of CBN and also why we provide our products in capsule, tincture, and soon to be released gummy forms. Tinctures can be faster acting, gummies will provide the best taste, and capsules provide an easily controlled experience with no flavor.

Try Slumber CBN for yourself

Whether people are suffering from insomnia, needing more restorative sleep, waking up frequently in the night, or dealing with negative effects from other sleep aid solutions – Many are turning to CBN as a healthy and safe long term sleep solution. Slumber produces high quality, affordable CBN products targeted towards those who need to get a better night’s sleep. All products are made in Colorado in a GMP compliant  lab, third-party tested, and are non-GMO. They do not contain any THC and are vegan-friendly. Try it for yourself today

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