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Slumber’s Partnership Program allows you to profit from the rapidly growing hemp & CBN industry while growing your brand.

We specialize in CBN, CBD, and Delta-8 products for sleep.

  • Bring Slumber into your retail store: CBD Shops, Dispensaries, Chiropractic and Wellness Clinics, Pharmacies, Boutiques, and more.
  • Distribution Options
  • White Label CBN/ Custom Formulations for your very own CBN Sleep Aid Line
  • Bulk Product or Ingredients shipped to your lab
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Slumber CBN affiliate program

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At Slumber, we know the importance of adding value to lives. It comes out in the way we act, the way we create our products and the way we promote others. Joining the Slumber CBN Affiliate program means promoting this idea of adding betterment and value to others lives. We create meaningful partnerships to accomplish campaign goals, adding value to your network and putting a little cash at your pocket at the same time.

Affiliate perks

Monthly Payouts


We will provide you exclusive discounts for your personal orders.


Get insights on sales, upcoming products, events, and flash sales.

How it works

Feel good and earn 15% commission

In an effort to provide you reliable tracking and accurate data, we have partnered with AffiliateWP.

This easy-to-use dashboard will allow you to track sales, access marketing materials, and view monthly payout reports.

Promote our Products

Share your favorite Slumber products with your friends and family or post about us on your business website, blog, or social media pages!
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