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A powerful new natural sleep-aid product, derived from CBN.

Slumber Sleep Aid is a hemp-derived supplement that does not contain THC or CBD. Our proprietary blend is designed to activate the CB2 receptors, specifically making it the best OTC sleep aid on the market. Whether you prefer capsules and droplets, Slumber CBN products are certified CBN, Non-GMO sleep solutions that will not disappoint. Enjoy!

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"If you have not been sleeping well at night and want some rest, Slumber CBN can come to your aid. The product comes with a design that offers restful and deep sleep. The CBN is hemp-derived and is powered by nature for maximizing tranquility and relaxation at night to ensure a better day."



CBN Oil For Sleep Review

"Last week, we were excited to receive Slumber CBN in the mail. We first heard about Slumber CBN a few months before it was released and we couldn’t wait to test and review it because it’s genuinely unique!"


Boomer Buyer Guides Review

"In this article, we’ll look at the subject of sleep and answer some common questions Boomers have as their sleep patterns change. We’ll also offer some suggestions for overcoming sleep issues you might be facing."



Slumber CBN Sleep Aid Tincture


Oil Tincture


For those in need of an extra strength boost to their nightly routine, this is our most popular product that packs twice the amount of CBN in a conveniently sized tincture bottle.

Slumber CBN Sleep Aid Tincture


Oil Tincture


Our most popular product but half the the amount of CBN. Perfect for those who need a little boost to their nightly routine. 

Slumber CBN Sleep Aid Tincture


Sleep Aid Softgels


The same formula found in our tinctures are now put in a convenient consumable softgel. Take 1-2 capsules one hour before bed. 30 Day Supply.

Slumber CBN Sleep Aid Tincture

discover your CBN strength

Slumber’s signature “Dreamsicle” Sleep Kits are designed to help you discover your CBN strength to promote maximum rest. Our hemp-derived CBN is powered by nature to help you maximize relaxation and tranquility at night, for a better day tomorrow.

3 Day Sleep Kit – 1mL Vials


Discover your strength with this 3 day sleep kit. Each vial contains 10MG of CBN.

3 Day Sleep Kit – 5 mg Softgels


Discover your strength with this 3 day sleep kit containing 6 (5MG CBN) Softgels.

Tincture Gift Set


Get the best of all worlds in this gift set pack containing a 300MG Oil Tincture, a durable cloth accessory bag and silky smooth sleep mask.

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"Slumber keeps me asleep"

“After beating breast cancer I was put on a series of hormone medications. These medications give me awful insomnia. After trying numerous sleep-aids, I thought I would have to deal with the lack of sleep I was getting forever. Until Slumber. Slumber has been the only product that effectively puts me to sleep, and actually KEEPS me asleep.”
- Lynn M, 58


"I quit Ambien"

"After 20 years of being a daily prescribed sleep medication user, I became frustrated with my dependence and tolerance. I turned to Slumber CBN because the products are natural, contain Zero THC, and allows me to customize the CBN dose to fit my daily sleep needs."
– Andrea, Business Professional and Mom

"Slumber consistently works"

"Slumber is the first natural sleep aid that has ever consistently worked on me."
– Anna - Real Estate Professional, World Traveler

"Best sleep of my life"

"I am constantly traveling for work, and I have relied on Ambien to get me to sleep. The morning side effects were horrible. I now use 20 mg CBN every night and have been enjoying the best sleep of my life."
– Jonathan - Business Professional, Avid Traveler

"I was a lifelong insomniac"

"I was a lifelong insomniac that used prescribed sleep medication for two decades to stay asleep...until I tried Slumber. Now I enjoy sleeping the natural way. With Slumber, I get a consistent and solid night's rest, waking refreshed in the mornings. "
- Mike, 51

"I feel refreshed"

"Every night I toss and turn in my sleep, so I rarely get a good night’s sleep. After using Slumber every night for a week, I’ve been sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed and energized to tackle my day!"
– Alicia, 29, Entrepreneur

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We chose not to compromise the quality of our products and with it, the ingredients. We are proud to call our Sleep Aid line the most effective in the market today.

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