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Say Goodnight With Our Strongest Sleep Gummies Yet

Adding Full Spectrum CBD to your CBN nighttime routine may be just what you need to finally get a good night’s sleep—with a few bonus health benefits to boot! Many Full Spectrum CBD users say it helps support pain and inflammation relief during the night. Plus, the low dose of THC interacting with all of the cannabinoids may help induce a deeper “drowsy” experience for better sleep.*

New & Improved Flavor: Lemon Raspberry

This product contains 3mg THC per gummy.
Legally containing <0.3% THC, per the 2018 Farm Bill requirements.

Color of gummies may fluctuate between our production runs.

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The Slumber Promise : 30 days Guarantee or Your money back.

Proprietary Blend: Organic Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin, Sucrose, Citric Acid, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate (aerial parts), Natural Raspberry Flavor, Organic Red Color, Organic Glycerin, Sunflower Lecithin, Malic Acid, and Hemp-derived Cannabinol (aerial parts).

1,000 mg total cannabinoids per container.

Suggested Use

Adults should take 1 gummy orally 30 minutes before bed each night. Individual results may vary.


Store in a dry cool area, away from the light. 

Medical Warning:

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Individual results may vary. If you experience any negative effects, discontinue use immediately and tell your attending physician. Discontinue if you become pregnant. Keep out of the reach of children.

Supplement Facts

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What does Dr. Giltner say about Deep Zzzs gummies?

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We stand behind our products 100% and have nothing to hide. We have natural sleep aids for “every sleeper.” Let us help you pick the best product for you.

3rd Party Sleep Study

Research Backed Results

Based off an independent 3rd party study conducted with MoreBetter LTD. More info click here.

Help them Stay Asleep

Agreed it helped the ability to stay asleep**

Easier to fall back alseep

Said it was easier to fall back asleep**

Better than other Sleep Aids

Of participants reported Slumber CBN performed better than any other sleep aid they have ever tried**

Fast Asleep Technology™ 

Avg. onset time 30 minutes or Less*

Our CBD Sleep gummies are formulated with a highly potent hemp derived distillate and  combined with sunflower lecithin. Because lecithin is a phospholipid, it improves the bioavailability of cannabinoids. Phospholipids aid in cell uptake and lecithin in edibles aids in the absorption of CBD and THC.

*May vary depending on weight and stomach contents.

Quality and care in all our CBD and CBN Gummies

We take your health and wellness as seriously as our own. That’s why we invest a lot of time vetting and reviewing all vendors and ingredients that create our Full Spectrum CBD + CBN  gummies. Our products are non-GMO, made from vegan ingredients, and manufactured locally in Colorado—this means we know exactly how they’re made and what goes into them.

Optimize Your REM Cycles and Full Body Recovery with our CBD Sleep Gummies

sleep results shown after using cbn for sleep

I did not realize what a full night sleep actually felt like until trying Slumber. My morning gym workouts are stronger!

Happy Slumberers

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Julie L.
I recommend this product

Amazing product!

I love this product. I don’t have trouble falling asleep. For me it’s about staying asleep. I am happy to report that this sleep aide has helped me stay asleep! I love it.

Kelly L.
I recommend this product

This has changed our sleep life

My husband and I both struggle with sleep. Him staying asleep, me falling asleep. This product has absolutely changed our lives!! We both sleep through the night and I fall asleep peacefully. Couldn't be happier.

I recommend this product

It really works

First time trying CBS and CBN and it's fantastic. Slept through the night, feel great the next day. Tried Ambien, melatonin, valerian root, advil PM...worked for a bit and then nothing. These gummies are where it's at.

Ann B.
I recommend this product

Deep Zzzs

It’s the Best! Sleep all night.

Irwin H.
I recommend this product


I bought Deep Zzzs to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. No such luck. I got a little, short term buzz and never got tired as the name implies.


Slumber Sleep Aid

Good Afternoon Irwin, I recently read your review about the Full Spectrum Gummy not working for you. We would exchange the product for our CBN only gummy, it has a significantly better taste and I personally prefer our CBN only gummy to our Deep Zzz's. - The Slumber Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?
A hemp-derived full spectrum CBD product contains multiple cannabis plant extracts, including essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBC, CNB, etc. Full spectrum CBD products may also contain up to 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as shown in the lab test or COA. THC and CBN together may produce a mild "high" and or feeling of "drowsiness".
What Is CBN?
Becoming increasingly well-known in the world of wellness, CBN is short for cannabinol, a non-intoxicating minor cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant. With time and oxygenation, the decomposition of THC naturally results in the creation of a new compound—CBN. This unique cannabinoid is widespread across the globe, and users report it to have therapeutic benefits.
What Makes Our CBN Gummies Unique?
Sleep is important to everyone, but we’re especially passionate about it at Slumber. We spent 2 years formulating the perfect recipe for rest, turning these into the most efficacious and deliciously reliable sleep aid gummies on the market. Each jar comes with a 30-day supply, designed to reward the therapeutic benefits of CBN to those who consume them.*Some of these potential benefits include more restful periods of sleep, reduced bodily pain and discomfort, minimized inflammation, and increased feelings of calm.
Can You Increase or Decrease Your Gummy Dosage?
Each person is unique and it’s important to ease yourself in with any kind of supplement. We recommend starting off with 1 gummy. Everyone’s tolerance to full spectrum gummies will be different when they first start using them, and it may take some time to establish the optimum dose that works best for you and your sleep. With stellar reviews across the board, though, our customers are sharing their love of our products for enhancing their healthy rest patterns.
Benefits of Full Spectrum Gummies That Contain <0.3% THC
THC has been known to help with inflammation, Glaucoma, and Crohn’s disease. Research also shows it can be of benefit to cancer patients to help relieve pain, nausea, and vomiting that is often induced by chemotherapy. (We look forward to what we continue to discover regarding the benefits of THC as research continues to evolve with the advancement of policies, like the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp-derived products that do not exceed <0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.) Additionally, CBD has a variety of potential positive effects. Research supports the use of CBD for nausea, chronic pain, and even seizures. In June 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex, a CBD product that can be used to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome (DS)—two severe pediatric seizure disorders. Many users also choose CBD to help relieve inflammation, calm anxiety and counteract some of the intoxicating effects that THC can have if they’ve consumed too much.

Why Choose a Full Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummy for Ultimate Rest and Relaxation?

Each cannabinoid was uniquely selected for this formula to create the ultimate nighttime experience of rest. These cannabinoids, working together on our endocannabinoid system, are thought to reduce anxiety, promote balance, induce relaxation and encourage drowsiness.* The CBD and THC included in each gummy promote relaxation and a drowsy effect like none other. Full Spectrum CBD is commonly used for other purposes like fighting anxiety and relieving pain and inflammation.*

When’s the Best Time to Take CBD Gummies for sleep?

Our Full Spectrum CBD and CBN gummies provide optimum results when consumed 30 minutes before bed. This product does contain 3.29 mg THC per gummy so it is best to take the product at home, and in the environment where you intend to sleep. While everyone’s tolerance to THC (derived from hemp) may differ, it is best to consult your physician prior to starting any hemp supplement regime. We recommend cutting the gummy in half if you feel it is too strong or induces too much of a drowsy effect. 

If increasing your level of night-time rest is your highest priority, it is important to look at all aspects of your routine. Your environment, nutrition, and overall health will greatly contribute to a more positive sleep experience. To learn more about improving your sleep hygiene and sleep routine, visit our Slumber Blog

Some of our top tips for an effective bedtime routine include:

  • Turn off all electronics 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Try a light dinner with plenty of vegetables, protein, and water.
  • Set your thermostat to a cooler temperature.
  • Go to bed at a consistent time every night.

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