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Let’s say you are getting ready to travel. You are going through your checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything: Socks? Check! Walking shoes? Check! Tooth brush? Check!

But, wait. You know you struggle falling asleep when you are on the plane and in a new hotel. 

Sleep Aids are common to take when traveling for flights, hotels, and “jet lag”. Most leave you groggy and not feeling refreshed. 

When it comes to traveling, packing items to help prepare you for a good night’s sleep or a solid nap, can often be overlooked. While the changing factors of your environment may be the cause of sleep discomfort, there are a few items that you can pack to help prepare for a good night sleep on the road or in the air. 

Before we get into, what to pack, we need to first look into the environmental factors that may cause sleep discomfort, insomnia, jet lag, etc. 

know your sleep temperature

According to, “ambient temperature, that’s between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, is typically ideal for sleep. But, when you’re away from home, controlling the thermostat is not always within your control.”

Make sure to plan ahead. Travel in fabric that is cozy and breathable. If the air is too warm, it may interrupt your slumber. It is best to avoid super-heavy fabrics like fleece, which may be too warm for sleep. Instead, consider a cotton fabric that’s breathable and easy to throw in the wash when needed.

If you are easily chilled, make sure to pack a small, lightweight blanket and sweater in your carry-on. That way it is easy to grab when you are chilled.

The ideal temperature for deep and restful sleep, may be a critical piece to help you fall asleep and stay asleep while you are on the road or in the air. 

noise or no noise at all?

Everyone has “familiar” noises that we become accustomed to, or favor when we go to sleep.

For example, a city dweller may be accustomed to sounds of traffic or perhaps the whistle of a tram rolling by.  Some others prefer the sound of a ceiling fan or playing soft music. This may also change as you grow older. 

However when we travel, new and unfamiliar noises may become intrusive to a good night’s sleep. 

We have all experienced a ticking fan, a crying baby, barking dog, or a dripping faucet that keeps us awake. Every passing minute can seem like a lifetime, and become frustrating when you are traveling and need a good night rest. 

 If you know you are a light sleeper or are easily affected by unfamiliar sounds while traveling, it may be a good idea to buy standard earplugs or noise canceling headphone with you. You can get inexpensive ear plugs at almost any travel or pharmacy store. They are little and can make the world of difference, but blocking out the sound that could keep you awake at night. 

 find the best sleep surfaces

When you travel, unfamiliar or uncomfortable sleep surfaces may be the reason for insufficient or bad quality sleep. 

For example: Say you are scheduled for an overnight airplane trip. While you may be able to recline your seat a little or lean up against the window, it may be hard to get into a good siesta (nap) when you are trying to sleep in a horizontal position. 

While we don’t have the perfect solution here, there may be a few things you can bring on your trip to help alleviate the uncomfortable sleep surfaces you may encounter. 

  1. Try out a thick neck pillow for head and neck comfort. 
  2. Pack an extra sweater or blanket to fill the gaping cracks between you, your neighbor, and the armchair. 
  3. Try to pick the window seat so you can prop your head against the wall. 
  4. Bring your own bed pillow that you are used to.

 try a natural sleep aid

While it may, initially, make sense to grab a pharmacy grade or synthetic sleep aid, try out a natural sleep aid. 

 Pharmacy grade sleep aids and melatonin, may be causing some unnecessary side effects that can leave you groggy and sluggish when you wake up. Natural sleep aids may be able to help your body fall asleep and stay asleep a more natural way and may get increased REM sleep.

 Natural Sleep Aids with cannabinol, also known as CBN, have been found to be a great natural sleep aid to pack with you on your trips. You can customize your CBN dosage and easily pack it in your dopp kit. 

 Slumber is a hemp-derived sleep aid, made with ZERO THC. There have been many reviews of customers that have seen incredible results from switching sleep aids.


[I am constantly traveling for work, and used to rely on Ambien every night. The side effects of Ambien hit me very hard in the morning. I was very sluggish, groggy, and felt like I did not get any sleep at all. All the coffee in the world would not help relieve these symptoms.

I found Slumber Sleep Aid from a close friend, and it immediately worked for me. I use 20 mg CBN of the Slumber Dropper, every night. It works consistently, and I have not gone back to any Pharm grade sleep aids. I can drink a cocktail at night, and still wake up refreshed every morning before my big meetings.


– Jonathan

Business Professional, Avid Traveler

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