Veterans, Military & Service Officials Discounts on CBD and CBN Oil for Sleep.

Slumber is excited to announce a special program dedicated to serving our Veterans, Active Military, and Service officials that struggle with sleep.

30% off all of our natural sleep aid products with valid ID.

Slumber Sleep Aid is proud to support USA service members and their families by providing exclusive savings on our CBN (cannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) products for sleep that comes in a variety of options, including ZERO THC. 

Insomnia, anxiety, and other related sleep irregularities are prevalent issues for servicemen and women and their families. According to the US Department of Veteran Affairs and in the Millennium Cohort Study, 92% of active-duty personnel with PTSD, compared to 28% of those without PTSD, reported clinically significant levels of insomnia. 

Oftentimes, doctors may prescribe solutions to insomnia by prescribing sedatives. Many report unwanted side effects to these prescriptions, saying it causes dizziness, daytime drowsiness, gastrointestinal problems, or allergic reactions. This leaves many looking to self-medicate with alcohol, which does not solve the underlying issue.

Although CBN Oil and CBD Oil is a natural sleep aid derived from hemp, it may be an incredible option and alternative to self-medicating or prescription sleep aids. Slumber carries the best, and most affordable CBN sleep aids for USA service members in a variety of options: fast-acting CBN tinctures, dual-action CBD and CBN sleep tinctures, easy to swallow CBN Softgels, sleepy bear gummies, and more.

CBD Oil Veteran's Discount, Military Discount & Service Officials Discounts

Natural alternatives to prescription medications, such as CBN oil, have been successful for many of our users that report sleep issues at night. We are dedicated to bringing all of our customers the best quality CBN sleep aid on the market, which is why we third-party lab test all formulations and products, ensuring each batch meets our high standards for shipment. 


Talk to our team to figure out what products may be best for you.

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Slumber Sleep Aid is dedicated to providing top-quality products to our customers, but do not make any claims to the sleep benefits. If you have been diagnosed with insomnia, PTSD, or suspect any medical condition, it is imperative to consult your physician before starting a hemp supplement regime. Never stop your current treatment plan without medical supervision.


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