What’s the Right Dosage of CBN for Sleep?

For people new to using Cannabinol (CBN) for sleep, choosing how much to take can be confusing.

What’s the right dosage when taking Cannabinol (CBN) for sleep? What if I take too much, or too little? While CBN is a natural compound derived from cannabis and is considered safe to use, you don’t want to take a dose that exceeds your limits. It is recommended to take a 5mg dose of CBN for your first time. After you experience CBN for the first time, you can increase your dose by 5mg increments to 10mg, 15mg, and so on until you reach your desired level of sleepiness. We recommend to always start small and slowly increase your dosage to meet your needs.

Droppers and CBN potency when dosing

Know that every CBN provider is slightly different when it comes to potency of the dosage. Consult the packaging of your CBN to determine the relative strength and concentration of CBN in its substrate. Most CBN Oils and tinctures will allow you to take 5mg in one dropper-full or less. For Slumber CBN Sleep Aid tinctures, taking ½ dropper full of tincture will yield you 5mg of CBD.

CBN isolate vs full spectrum CBN dosing

Full spectrum CBN and CBN isolates are quite different. Other cannabinoids present in full spectrum CBN products can interact with CBN and cause various effects, similar to those when consuming high-CBN cannabis. At Slumber we sell products made with CBN isolate, which is pure CBN.

High doses – can you take too much CBN?

Is there a thing as too much? CBN, like cannabis, is considered safe even in large amounts and is nearly impossible to overdose on. Taking a high dose of CBN is not recommended and may result in the inability to stay awake or alert, cause you to sleep longer than you wanted, or may cause you to wake up feeling a bit groggier than you’re used to. We recommend to always start small and slowly increase the dosage to meet your needs.




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