The CBN Gift Guide for All Moms

A young child affectionately touches their mother's face, a tender moment of connection and love between parent and child.

This Mother’s Day, give the retroactive gift of recovered rest.

It goes without saying, our mothers gave up and put up with a heap of tomfoolery for our sakes. Sacrifice was a daily practice for them, and a good night's sleep was one of their first offerings. 

In fact, a recent survey from Snüz found that parents lose an average of 133 nights of sleep before their babies turn one. That's one-third of a year's worth of sleep! To add to this, a study conducted by Sleep Junkie found after surveying 1,000 parents across the US and UK that the average amount of time spent on themselves was a mere 4 hours a day. This comprised their entire day’s worth of time spent on socializing (like texting a friend), leisure time (like eating a meal), and self-care (like taking a shower). 

And that's all just from the first year of parenthood! Think back to all the times in elementary school when you showed up by your parents' bed halfway through the night because of a nightmare or wanting a glass of water... or simply being afraid to go to the bathroom alone in the dark. Then, of course, there were the later years when you didn't come home from the Friday night movie till midnight and the Saturday evening concert till 2:00 pm.

As kids, we piled on the gift of necessary alertness. And, for many of us, it was our moms who bore the brunt of it. (In fact, an article released by the Sleep Foundation earlier this month noted that "[after a] baby is born, men lose an average of 13 minutes per night, while women lose over an hour of sleep each night.”)

So, this year, we encourage you to gift your mom back a smidgeon of the hundreds of collective hours she gave you willingly from the get-go.

To help you do this, we've pulled together a small collection of Mother-Earth-approved-rest-inducing goods across four different categories. (After all, no two moms are alike.) Pick a few and package them up in a pretty box or basket or send them to your mom throughout the month to keep the surprises coming. 

With all the many health benefits of good sleep, this themed gift will keep on imparting your appreciation in exponential ways. 

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Comfy Loungewear

At-Home Spa Experience

  • Maude Tub Kit No. 1: Vegan and paraben-free, this salt and coconut milk bath duo set provides a soak that will relax all muscle tension. 
  • Spa Headband and Cedar & Suede Soy Candle: Grab these two incredibly affordable environmentally-friend treats to add an additional element of serenity to your mom's at-home spa day.
  • Merigold Monthly Mask and Ritual Kit: This woman-owned company encourages moments of pause through an artisan face-mask application kit and seasonal regimen. 

A Good Book

  • The Personalized Book of MomWhat mother wouldn't love a book by you (her kid) that celebrates everything wonderfully unique about her. 
  • A Photo Book: Pick out your favorite snapshots of the two of you and bind them together in an understated, elegant cover. 
  • Her Favorite Classic: The Folio Society offers ornate hardcover versions of classics that will act as readable decor on her shelf or bedside table. 

The Gift of Calm 

  • CBN Sleep Tincture (Flavor: Orange + Vanilla): This natural, prescription-free sleep aid is our signature CBN tincture for total relaxation throughout the night. (You can also explore additional Slumber Sleep Aid products here.)
  • Art of Tea Wellness Tea Sampler Pack: With four flavors to choose from (Cleanse, Feel Better, Happy Tea, and Sleep), this tea sampler pack is a simple and delicious gift for any "mum" who loves a spot of tea before bed.

Spotify's Ambient Relaxation Playlist: This playlist offers 15 hours of curated "chill." 

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