Slumber Medical Experts & Wellness Team

Dr. Jim Giltner, MD

Ophthalmologist with 36 years of medical practice.

Jillian Tremaine, CNT

Certified Holistic Nutritionist & wellness expert. Graduate of NTI in Denver.

Dr. Tom Palic

Former US Ski Team Chiropractor and medical provider for Red Bull Athletics.

Wellness driven by experts

At Slumber, we don’t just add a label to a bottle. Our mission is to use the best ingredients and integrate our brand with medical experts and wellness professionals.

The medical perspective is critical when it comes to alternative health approaches. While natural remedies and holistic practices can provide real benefits, they must be recommended and overseen by medical experts to ensure safety and efficacy. At Slumber, our team includes doctors and nurses who provide that vital oversight. They understand traditional and alternative medicine and can thoughtfully integrate them to create optimal sleep and wellness plans tailored to each individual. With their guidance, our customers can feel confident using Slumber products.

An educational approach is core to the Slumber mission. We firmly believe that knowledge is power when it comes to health. Our diverse team of nutritionists and medical professionals provides science-based insights and advice to help customers understand the connection between lifestyle, diet, exercise, and sleep quality. We encourage an open dialogue and aim to empower people to take charge of their wellbeing. Education enables customers to make informed choices that benefit their mind and body. This forward-thinking foundation allows Slumber to transform lives through better sleep and whole-body health truly.