Slumber's At Home Sleep Study: Updated April 2024


Slumber partnered with MoreBetter to conduct an at home sleep study with our Deep Zzzs CBN Gummies for 30 days. As part of the sleep study, participants were asked to log their sleep quality and satisfaction for 7 days without use of Slumber's Deep Zzzs gummies for sleep and subsequently for 21 days while using the product.

Slumber’s sleep study results showed significant improvements in sleep quality and sleep duration. Slumber is very excited to share our sleep study results with the millions of Americans who struggle with sleep deprivation with hopes that our products may help address any restlessness you or your loved ones are experiencing.


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Why does this matter? This means that more than half of the participants were NOT current Slumber customers, but individuals testing CBN for the first time.







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Slumber Releases Results From At Home Sleep Study

Sleep Study Results

As part of our commitment to conduct ground-breaking research on CBN (cannabinol) for sleep, we partnered with MoreBetter (dba Releaf App) in May 2022 for a Sleep Pathfinder Mission™. With help from the Releaf App’s industry-leading software, our latest study focused on how CBN may potentially alleviate the symptoms of sleeplessness and improve the overall quality of sleep. Slumber remains committed to backing our products with real world data from actual users of our products. For all sleep study results, we pledge to socialize those results with our current and potential customers. Our priority is maximizing the quality of your every night sleep!

The Releaf App is a highly rated mobile app that enables users to track and improve their experience with cannabis and CBD products. Their proprietary technology leverages mobile sensors and sound monitoring during sleep to determine sleep stages and quality.

It also allows users to log factors like sleep duration, restfulness, and product effects upon waking. While Slumber partnered with Releaf for this study, Releaf App collects data independently through their app.

They act as an impartial third party providing software and analytics to assess product performance. Their technology aims to objectively track sleep quality based on biometrics, regardless of the specific products tested.

This bolsters confidence in the impartiality and reliability of the study design and findings.

With the detailed sleep metrics provided by Releaf App's technology, we set out in our 2022 study to explore if CBN could address the disturbing sleep deficiencies experienced by far too many Americans today.

The number of Americans who experience insufficient sleep is staggering. Almost half of all Americans report feeling sleepy during the day between three and seven days per week. Over a third of U.S. adults get less than seven hours of sleep, the minimum for healthy adults.

We recognize the need for better slumber, without the nasty side effects associated with some over-the-counter sleep aids. Our Full Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies with CBN, a high dose of CBN and CBD with 3mg THC, are blended to naturally and safely maximize relaxation and drowsiness, as well as achieve the best results for mood elevation.

For our Sleep Pathfinder Mission, hundreds of participants volunteered to try the raspberry-flavored, dual-action gummies for 30 days and share their experiences via the Releaf App, the top-rated app for individuals to track and improve their use of cannabis and CBD. The results are clear:

  • 71% of participants agreed the product improved various aspects of their lives, sleep quality and patterns

  • 70% reported the product performed better than any other sleep aids they have ever tried

  • 82% agreed the product helped their ability to stay asleep

  • 71% felt more calm after taking the product

  • Over half of participants experienced less anxiety while taking the product, compared to when not taking it
  • 71% felt more refreshed in the morning

  • 82% achieved more nights of quality sleep while taking the product

  • 80% said it was easier to fall back asleep

  • 82% were able to better stay asleep

  • 83% would recommend this product to others


Sleep Study Findings and Conclusion

The study also revealed over 50 percent of the participants were first-time CBN users. This presents us an exciting opportunity to conduct further studies of our CBN-only products to validate our direction and offerings. (Check out our 2020 sleep study with Vail Integrative Medical Group, which tested the effectiveness of our CBN tincture and softgels.) Our goal is to help bring more transparency into the potential benefits of CBN, so our customers can make better, more informed purchase decisions at If you’re new to CBN, browse our blog for more info and tips.

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