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Independant sleep study approved. 82% of participants achieved more nights of quality sleep.*

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Top-Seller CBN-only formulation. Support natural sleep cycles and relaxation.

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Do you struggle with getting a restful night's sleep? Are you waking up feeling groggy, tired, or just not the best version of yourself? If so, you're not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control, millions of people struggle with sleep every year, and the struggle is agnostic of generation. In other words, a lot of us are feeling this to some extent, and we’re ready for a solution.

Have you heard about sleep gummies? 

Sleep gummies are a natural way to help improve your sleep quality. We'll take a deep dive into what sleep gummies are, how they work, and the benefits they provide. We will also discuss when to take them and the different types available in the market. Additionally, we'll provide tips on incorporating them into your bedtime routine and where to purchase them. So, if you're looking for a natural sleep aid that can help you get a better night's sleep, keep reading to find out if sleep gummies are right for you.

Understanding Sleep Gummies

Understanding the concept of sleep gummies involves recognizing their distinct composition, sometimes including melatonin or other functional ingredients, sleep gummies are meant to support all-around sleep quality. These gummies are crafted to improve sleep patterns, especially for individuals with occasional sleep troubles. Often cited as a reason why people love gummies, they often feature flavors and offer an alternative for those averse to traditional pills, soft gels, tinctures, or other product formats. By aligning with the body’s natural sleep cycle, sleep gummies can accelerate the onset of sleep and prolong its duration, potentially benefiting individuals seeking a more restful night's sleep.

What are Sleep Gummies?

Sleep gummies are a convenient and tasty form of sleep support, formulated with active ingredients like CBN, melatonin, CBD, passion flower, valerian root, L-theanine, skullcap, or a number of other ingredients supporting sleep health. Gummies come in different natural flavors and packaging for easy use and storage. They are designed to aid occasional sleeplessness or sleep disorders without synthetic additives or gluten. Many companies tout offering a vegan gummy that appeals to a set of consumers. 

How do Sleep Gummies work?

Sleep gummies work by utilizing active ingredients to support restful sleep and relaxation. These ingredients help regulate the body's natural sleep cycle and can help offset occasional sleeplessness without the need for drug administration. Sleep gummies promote sleep quality and can be a natural alternative for those seeking a good night's sleep. Depending on the list of ingredients, gummies can produce benefits that are helpful for sleep as well as other areas like physical discomfort, soreness, anxiety, or feelings of stress.

The Benefits of Sleep Gummies

Supporting restful sleep and occasional sleeplessness, sleep gummies offer natural sleep aid through ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, CBN, lemon balm, CBD, passion flower, and valerian root to name a few. These gummies provide dietary supplement support for sleep quality, without synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners, or gluten. Their natural active ingredients also aid in anxiety and stress relief, catering to different health conditions needs. With unique active ingredients and natural sweeteners, sleep gummies are formulated to support sleep disorders and ensure a good night's sleep, packaged with a disclaimer for medical problem reference purposes.

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Natural Sleep Aid

When it comes to promoting restful sleep and alertness upon waking, sleep gummies serve as a natural sleep aid. These gummies offer support for occasional sleeplessness, restful sleep, and sleep quality without the use of drug administration. Often containing natural sweeteners, natural flavors, and natural ingredients, they are suitable for different health problem needs. With ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm, CBD, passion flower, and valerian root, sleep gummies provide natural sleep aid support without synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners, or gluten, making them a great choice for those seeking a natural solution for sleep support.

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Anxiety and Stress Relief

Supporting anxiety and stress relief, sleep gummies contain natural ingredients, sweeteners, and flavors, free from artificial additives. The active ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm, CBD, passion flower, and valerian root aid in occasional sleeplessness and anxiety relief. Formulated to support restful sleep, these gummies offer dietary supplement support suitable for different health needs. With natural sweeteners and flavors, sleep gummies serve as a natural sleep aid, offering support for occasional sleeplessness and stress relief, without drug administration.

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Physical Soreness or Discomfort

Sleep gummies available over the counter often contain functional ingredients like melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, to promote better rest. They may also include natural supplements such as CBN, chamomile, lavender, CBD, and valerian root, known for their calming and pain-relieving properties. These ingredients can aid in reducing physical discomfort, like minor aches and pains, by encouraging a deeper, more restorative sleep. Additionally, some gummies are infused with magnesium, which is known to relax muscles and ease tension. By combining these elements, sleep gummies not only help in falling asleep faster but also in achieving a more peaceful sleep, thereby indirectly addressing physical pain or discomfort.

When to Take Sleep Gummies

Determining the ideal time to take sleep gummies varies based on individual sleep schedules, cycle patterns, and health needs. Generally speaking, Slumber recommends ingesting sleep gummies between 30-60 minutes before your anticipated ‘fall asleep time’. This allows the body to ingest, process, and make the ingredients biologically available. The best time to consume sleep gummies, often infused with melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, and valerian root, may fluctuate, depending on sleep disorders, sleep support, and restful sleep requirements. Recognizing the significance of consistency in taking sleep gummies is paramount for supporting sleep quality, restful sleep, and managing occasional sleeplessness.

How Long Do the Effects of Sleep Gummies Last?

The effects of sleep gummies vary based on the active ingredients included in each serving size. Generally, a sleep gummy that contains melatonin is said to take between 30-60 minutes to take effect. The effects can last up to 5 hours. For sleep gummies with THC, the full effects of THC will ‘peak’ within 4 hours of ingesting the product and could last for longer. It’s important to keep in mind that the effects of sleep gummies can vary based on weight, amount of content in someone’s system/stomach, regularity of use, and many other factors which can best be described by healthcare professionals and physicians.

Importance of Consistency

Consistency in consuming sleep gummies plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining restful sleep, sleep quality, and overcoming occasional sleeplessness. Especially for supplements that require the body to replenish its reserves, cumulative and consistent use is key for delivering therapeutic benefits. Cannabinoid products operate differently where they aid in the body’s ability to achieve homeostasis. Therefore, consistent and regular ingestion of cannabinoid products like CBD gummies can help the body achieve its desired balance. It is important to know that consistency can lead to a better overall experience with your desired sleep gummies. We also recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for any specific questions related to your journey with consistency. 

Types of Sleep Gummies

Exploring various sleep gummies unveils diverse, active ingredients and natural support for sleep disorders. These gummies can be rich in melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, L-theanine, CBN, CBD, and valerian root. Sleep gummies cater to people experiencing occasional sleeplessness, restful sleep, and sleep quality needs. Their natural composition, devoid of synthetic dyes and artificial sweeteners, makes them suitable for supporting natural sleep cycles and promoting overall well-being using a diverse set of ingredients. To improve your understanding of the variety of sleep gummies available on the market, we’re going to explore a few of the most common sleep gummy options available for sale.

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Sleep Gummies with Melatonin

Supporting the body’s natural sleep cycle, melatonin gummies are a natural sleep aid available as dietary supplements. With the potential to improve sleep quality, gummies with melatonin can be helpful for occasional sleeplessness and as an-needed option for sleep support. Reputable brands will ensure the product packaging includes NSF and FDA disclaimers. Some companies will publish lab reports from quality assurance processes for their customers, both existing and prospective. The recommended mg of melatonin varies based on individual needs. We would refer anyone interested in more information about melatonin dosages to Cleveland Clinic’s guide to melatonin. In case you are curious about the differences between CBN and melatonin, we’ve prepared another resource to compare sleep aids. 

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Sleep Gummies with CBD

CBD gummies for sleep have risen in popularity in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration’s Farm Bill of 2018. When the CBD industry broke, CBD oils were its most popular choice of product type, but recently gummies and edibles have become the top preference of the industry’s customers (according to Statista). Sleep gummies with CBD contain a unique blend of active ingredients that may aid in relaxation and sleep support, and gummies with full spectrum CBD is reported to cause the Entourage Effect. Consumers should always check the actual product packaging for ingredients, serving sizes, and reference the company’s website to ensure products are tested and verified by a 3rd party laboratory. It's important to note that CBD gummies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical problem.

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Sleep Gummies with THC

Legalization of THC across the United States has catalyzed an industry that is projected to be valued at more than $30 billion in 2023. Broader consumer acceptance and adoption of THC has meant that product varieties have grown significantly, such as sleep gummies with THC. Legal consumption of THC gummies meant for sleep is limited to the areas listed on the map here. Please make sure to check your state and local laws governing the sale and consumption of THC.

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Sleep Gummies with CBN

Cannabinol is a cannabinoid known for its sedative properties that can lead to better quality sleep. CBN gummies are designed to target occasional sleeplessness and support healthy sleep cycles. When considering sleep gummies with CBN, it's important to note their potential to support natural sleep processes. By including CBN gummies in your routine, you can explore a natural approach to occasional sleep support without repeating information or reintroducing the topic.