Slumber Lab Results

Certificate of Quality Assurance
and Third-Party Lab Results

The product’s batch ID will direct you to the corresponding COA (Certificate of Analysis) below. The certificates will outline the cannabinoid profile to ensure quality, potency, consistency, and cannabinoid content.

Slumber Warming & Cooling Relief Stick

SLMR – 112420

Slumber 15mg CBN Gummy

SLGV – 121020

Slumber 15mg CBN/Melatonin Gummy

SLGV2 – 121020

Slumber Tincture

SLT – 051320 – a

Slumber Tincture

SLT – 052720 – a

Slumber Tincture

SLT – 061120 – b

Slumber Tincture

SLT – 200805

Slumber Tincture

SLT – 090920

Slumber Tincture

SLT – 101520

Full Spectrum Tincture

SLT – 101520

Slumber 10mg CBN Softgel


Slumber 5mg CBN Softgel


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Slumber Sleep Aid™
A natural solution for better sleep.