Rich Barnes

CEO, Founder

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Rich Barnes is the CEO and Founder of SLUMBER, serving as Managing Partner. Rich’s primary role is to provide a structured and thoughtful environment and resources for Slumber personnel to advance the science of hemp-based sleep aids through the study and application of minor Cannabinoids.

Rich also advances and fosters strategic relationships with industry-leading growers, processors, researchers, legal and other hemp-based businesses. Rich and his partners view Slumber as a transformative company that combines advanced science to improve and explore the use of minor cannabinoids to enhance self-care wellness ingredients for the supply chains of consumer products companies focused on hemp-derived supplements. A primary focus of Slumber is improving sleep in a natural way.

Rich has been involved in corporate management and financing for over 25 years in a wide variety of industries, both in private equity and development-based companies. He has also served in leadership roles at high-growth businesses, both on an interim and permanent basis.

Rich is a founding partner of Biokan and Slumber CBN. He has a Chemical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University.