The Impact of Mental Health and Lack of Sleep

As we approach mental health week (October 3rd through the 9th 2021) the Founders of Slumber wanted to share their top tips for improving mental health with good, quality sleep, so you don’t “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.”

Since sleep quality can have a direct impact on your mental health and physical health, it is important to check in with yourself to evaluate your habits and sleep practices. Individuals with anxiety, stress, and various mental health issues may, in fact, be more susceptible to insomnia and sleep disturbance

Sleep and mental health are bidirectional.

Meaning…Just as a lack of sleep can cause additional stress and anxiety, insomnia (or lack of sleep) can also be a symptom of various mental health disorders, such as depressionbipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The complexity between sleep and mental health is constantly being studied and addressed with various health professionals. This strong indication that improving sleep can both have a beneficial impact on your mental health and may also be a component of treating some psychiatric disorders.

Before we dive into how we can improve sleep habits, lets first look at how Mental Health is related to Sleep.

During the night, our brain goes through sleep stages. NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep stage, is known for slower brain activity, with some quick, short bursts of energy. The body repairs muscles and tissues and helps strengthen the immune system during deep stages of NREM.

REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stage is categorized by the increased brain activity, that is most known for dreaming and processing information. The various stages allow our brain to heal, enabling us to think, learn, and retain information. The research also shows that brain activity during sleep specifically has profound effects on emotional and mental health.


While our body moves through the various sleep stages, our brain naturally facilitates recovery and restoration. Lack of sleep is especially harmful and can influence mood and emotional reactivity. Research of lack of sleep points to increased mental health disorders and their severity, including the risk of suicidal ideas or behaviors.

Slumber Sleep Aid | Try CBN For Sleeping Sleep and mental health

Ways you can Improve Both Sleep and Mental Health

Mental health conditions can disrupt your sleep, and at the same time, lack of sleep can affect your mental health. This complex dynamic between the two allows us to focus on sleep treatment plans that can have impactful results on treatment and/or prevention.


Since every person will have different situations, mental health conditions, sleep patterns, risks, underlying conditions, etc. It is important to collaborate directly with your health care professional or psychiatrist to ensure you receive proper consultation for constructing your sleep and mental health plan. We know that the positive outcomes from successful treatment and prevention plans can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. For example, if you diagnosing and treating an underlying condition like obstructive sleep apnea may offer benefits for mental health.

While treatment plans can vary considerably, some approaches may be considered to help with sleep and mental health.

Improve your Sleep Habits for better Mental Health Outcomes

  • Have a set bedtime and create a consistent schedule

  • Knowing how many hours of sleep your body needs to be successful

  • Limiting caffeine in the afternoon to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule

  • Cutting out blue light and placing all devices away from your bed

  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere in your sleep space

Finding the best routines and bedroom arrangements may take some trial and error to determine what’s best for you, but that process can pay dividends in helping you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night.

Incorporating CBN into your nightly regimen for sleep and mental health care

Slumber Sleep Aid | Try CBN For Sleeping Screen Shot 2021 09 02 at 11.48.33 AM

CBN is our go-to natural sleep aid that may help assist in helping you fall asleep and stay asleep.* This minor, yet powerful cannabinoid, is known as the “Sleepy Cannabinoid.” Many of our customer reviews have shared with us and the Slumber Community that CBN has helped them find overall nightly relaxation, tranquility, and help to calm the mind and body.

Since we know that getting the best quality sleep will help us overcome and prevent many mental health disturbances, it can be empowering to look to natural alternatives that can get the job done. While RX options may be more suited for some, hemp and CBN can provide many relieving benefits that can help you wake up feeling recovered, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

Try out different natural or herbal remedies to see what works best for you. Invest time into fine tuning what is the optimal product that can help you feel be best during sleep and when you wake up. 

No more, “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” for our Slumberers. Combat the mental health stigma and start taking care of yourself by seeking help when needed, and getting a good night’s sleep. During this week as we reflect on Mental Health awareness, it can be a good time to evaluate your routines and all that you do to make your life as productive and joyful as you can. The best place to start is tonight!


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