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The Importance of Testing and COAs for Sleep Aids

As part of new California law AB 45, CBD product labels must link to third-party test results/certificates of analysis (COA). Why do these matter to consumers? Here’s a quick look at the importance of testing and COAs for hemp-derived products.

What Is a COA?

Simply put, a COA is a document that outlines the product’s test results. The Food and Drug Administration requires a COA to include the product’s supplier’s information, the materials being tested, and transportation data. The most valuable piece of information for consumers, however, is the “Evidence of Conformance.” 

This section states the specific characteristics, test results and other evidence that show the product meets industry standards, regulatory requirements and company-specific requests. This evidence is then reviewed by a qualified and authorized product inspector for final approval. 

Do Slumber Products Have COAs?

All Slumber products are tested by trusted, independent labs, and each label includes a link to the product’s COA, which you can also find on our website by the product’s batch ID.

These third-party labs do full-panel tests for not only cannabinoid content and THC, but also heavy metals, microbials, pesticides and more. This information is available in each product’s COA. We implemented these requirements even before AB 45 was signed into law to ensure our customers always get safe, top-quality products

If you have any questions about our testing process or products, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or 303-963-9404.


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