4 Tips for Falling Asleep in Cold Weather

Written by: Tony Schwartz



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February has arrived which means that most of the United States is experiencing colder temperatures, shorter days, and average temperatures are low. Winter welcomes its own forms of beauty: snow-capped mountains, snowshoeing in quiet wilderness, skiing under a bluebird sky, or enjoying a warm cup of coffee while watching snow fall around you. Despite that, research suggests that colder temperatures can make it more difficult to get quality sleep. Since Slumber is based in Colorado where the winter season is an amazing time of year, we don’t want this season to slow you down at all! That’s why we’ve created research-based tips to help you fall asleep in cold temperatures and make sure you are setting yourself up for an active and enjoyable winter. 

Meet the Sun & Begin Your Circadian Rhythm

Morning sunrise over mountains

Researchers at UCLA suggest that “light plays the largest role in setting your circadian clock”. There are intentional ways to incorporate light into a daily routine and keep rhythms on time and schedules on track. Whether it’s at sunrise or shortly after waking in the morning, getting outside to meet the sun is an optimal way to ‘set the clock’ in the morning. Another option is to open the shades or blinds in the morning to allow the sun to break through into the room where you sleep. Either way, getting natural sunlight in the morning is a great way to start your day!

Warm Up with a Cup of Chamomile Tea

The benefits of chamomile tea are absolutely amazing and reach far beyond just a cup of tea that can help you sleep at night. Chamomile tea helps lessen anxiety which allows the body to enter into the various stages of REM sleep. Chamomile tea supports digestive health, is anti-inflammatory, contains a high amount of antioxidants for immune support, and possibly protects against some cancers. We would recommend a daily cup of quality chamomile tea sourced locally, if possible. 

Exercise, Get Your Steps In, & Stay Active

blonde Woman in yellow jacket running in the snow in winter

Mayo Clinic recommends that adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Many of Slumber’s customers have shared that they maintain an active lifestyle by lifting weights, hiking trails, playing tennis or pickleball, playing a round of golf, or by walking with friends. No matter how you spend your 30 minutes of activity each day, make it an enjoyable 30 minutes. Our physical lives should be rejuvenating! If you dread your 30 minutes of activity every day then it is time to consider the many other options which may provide more enjoyment for you. Exercise should be enjoyable, so find the right option for your lifestyle. 

Limit Your Consumption of Alcohol

The American food and beverage industry is offering more mocktail menus, N/A beer options, and accommodations of sobriety than ever before, and it is because more people are statistically choosing to live a sober lifestyle. Some research suggests that 4 out of 10 people are trying to drink less in 2024 as compared to 2023. For millennials, half of the generation is choosing to drink less this year. That number doubled as compared to last year. These lifestyle choices should lead to better sleep patterns since research suggests that circadian rhythms, especially REM sleep patterns, are negatively impacted by alcohol use. By choosing non-alcoholic options or sobriety, your body is likely to experience better sleep which is exactly where Slumber believes your wellness journey begins. 


The winter season is laden with beauty and challenges, particularly with sleep. Seasonal Affective Disorder, fluctuations in temperatures, and reduction in daylight, these are challenges that millions of Americans face. We hope you will try our tips for falling asleep during the cold weather and winter months so that each day brings new opportunities. Slumber is committed to publishing compelling content sourced by actual research which may help our customers and readers live a healthier lifestyle. Our tips and editorial coverage can be combined with our best-selling sleep gummies to operate each day at your best. Thanks for reading! 

Rich Barnes CEO of Slumber

Tony Schwartz