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Cannabinol (a.ka. CBN the sleepy cannabinoid) is widely used and accepted across the world thanks to raving testimonials of its therapeutic benefits for sleep and tranquility. Master formulators, like Slumber CBN, have optimized CBN product formulations for all types of sleepers. With all the options out there, how do you know if you are maximizing results? 

If you have started taking CBN (cannabinol) as part of your nightly wellness routine, we want to show you how to evaluate and create the perfect nighttime dosage getting the most out of this unique cannabinoid.

First. What to look for in a good CBN product?

  • COA’s: Certified 3rd Party Lab result tests are mandatory and should always be provided to you. It will confirm the cannabinoid levels (THC, CBN, CBD.) of each batch. This will help you make sure you are getting exactly what the label says. To learn more about reading COA’s, visit our blog by clicking the link here.


  • Transparency of Quality: Each product page, as well as the product labels should provide you with a detailed supplement fact panel and ingredients, directions on how to use, cannabinoid content per bottle/ serving, location of where the product is manufactured, link to COA’s, valid barcode, and phone line for customer support. If any information is missing, it is safe to assume that the company is not being transparent with the product. 


Slumber remains committed to providing the highest quality of products by following strict manufacturing requirements. It is our mission to remain FDA compliant and trustworthy. 


  • Pricing and Cannabinoid content: As more and more CBN products enter the market, you may feel inundated with various pricing per dose and various formulations. Furthermore, you will see many products marketing claiming it is a “a high dose CBN product”, when in reality other cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) are added making the total milligrams seem high. Having CBD in a CBN product is not always bad, as long as the ratios are properly communicated to the consumer.

CBD, compared to CBN, is 3-4x less expensive to produce. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see high-dose CBN products upwards of $80-100 USD

Slumber offers many different products and cannabinoid formulations including CBN-only, and other high-dose CBN combinations with Full Spectrum CBD or Delta-8 added for an “entourage” of benefits. We offer the highest quality, highest dose, at a competitive price. 

Choosing the right CBN formulation for you and your sleep needs

Once you have confirmed COA’s, manufacturers' quality and transparency, understood cannabinoid levels, and are confident in the company, it is now time to figure out what product to take.


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CBN-Only Products: Many lovers of CBN love its therapeutic benefits for sleep, recovery, and optimal restoration without any psychotropic effects or intoxication. Isolating this cannabinoid may be the best option to help you fall and stay asleep.*

CBN + CBD Ratio Product: Adding CBD and CBN together in one product allows a seamless way to consolidate your products. Many utilize CBD during the day and night, saying that it may help relieve pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc. 

CBN with Delta 8 or low levels of THC: Combining CBN with THC or Delta 8 may be the ticket if you need more relaxation to get you to bed. We recommend THC in low doses (0.3%) to induce a more drowsy experience.*

What to do if a CBN product doesn’t work well for you?

Here at Slumber, we strongly believe in a holistic approach to wellness, sleep, and recovery. As such, optimal results for sleep and wellness are not always solved from one gummy/ dropper! It is always a good idea to consult your physician prior to starting any hemp supplement regimen.

CBN, CBD, and other cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Similarly to a fingerprint, everyone’s body may require different sleep plans, different cannabinoid dosages, etc. We believe that cannabinoids derived from hemp are a personalized, nightly supplement and an individual’s response may vary determined by the length of time and dosage. Therefore, we encourage all CBN users to give 2 weeks to evaluate the product. 

Make sure you are using the right product for YOU. Product formulations and product types may react differently to some. It is important to thoroughly read all the supplement fact panels to ensure that all ingredients are not going to cause any allergic reactions. Safe to say, if you are allergic to orange flavoring, you may assume that the CBN is not working, when in reality you are experiencing adverse reactions to the flavoring. 

Type of product (Tincture, Softgels, Gummies) may also be a contributing factor. 

  • CBN Oil Tinctures tend to absorb faster. Some may not prefer the flavorings and carrier oil (taste)
  • Slumber’s Vegan Softgels may be optimal for people not wanting to measure or deal with flavorings or oil.
  • CBN Gummies are definitely a sweet treat but may take longer to absorb in your body.
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Evaluate your Sleep Hygiene and CBN routine

Evaluating your sleep hygiene is first priority, next is to fine-tune your CBN dosage. Don’t get discouraged if you have a bad night. Small changes can make all the difference.

  • Did I eat a well-balanced meal?
  • Did I limit my caffeine consumption after noon?
  • Did I get 20-30 min of exercise? 
  • Did I turn devices off at a reasonable time and allow a time to “wind down”
  • How was my room environment before bed?
  • In the morning…Do I feel refreshed? Energy?

How much CBN should I take?

We conducted a 6-day sleep study with Vail Integrated Health Systems in Vail, Co – testing common questions about CBN. 82% of Participants found 10mg CBN was the optimal dose, while 18% of Participants preferred 15mg CBN.

We always recommend increasing or decreasing the dosage by 5mg CBN. Again, try the product for 2 weeks to evaluate the effectiveness of each dose.


All and all, there are many important factors when evaluating a company, product, and formulation. We hope this can be a guide and staple for you to reference back to make sure you are optimizing your results.

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